Materials make a difference

It doesn’t cost more to do it right the first time – not in the long run.

Using better materials to begin with saves the future costs of repairs or remodels – we believe this is true and do our best to get you the greatest value for your money.

Tax credits

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 removes the $2,000 cap on the 30% Tax Credit for geothermal heat pump systems. Now you get a true 30% tax credit for your whole system. Just another great reason to install an ECONAR GeoSystem this year.

The act also enables homeowners to get a 30% tax credit for many other green improvments - like installing new windows, adding insulation or doors, solar powered attic fans and much more - contact us for details

Recent Clients:

"I love my new home. The quality is excellent."
Alan Shaw

"I purchased a Rooney home and am very impressed with the quality & craftsmanship."
John Dracon
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New Homes

We have built many new homes over the years - we have even won an award or two - we received a mention in House & Garden and continue to receive compliments from our previous clients. We have projects done over thirty years ago – our work stands the test of time. All homes featured on our site are available for inspection by qualified customers - contact us for details.

From custom timber frame to conventional basic construction – we can make your dream home a reality. We believe that the insulation, windows, appliances and mechanical systems all need to be done in a manner to create a comfortable, quiet, efficient home. Our craftsmanship is second to none.

We use Energy Star compliant furnaces and boiler systems with efficiency ratings of 95 – 98%.

We can install ground source heat pumps, geothermal & radiant heat, photovoltaic, wind generators to total off the grid systems.

Rooney's Quality Construction and Plumbing - serving Montana for over 34 years

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How to judge Quality

The definition of "quality work" I believe is different for everyone - but rests on certain principles that remain constant:

Aesthetic Value: First and foremost, you should love where you live - it should be pleasing to look at and provide you the level of comfort you expect - it should also be energy efficient and economical to maintain.

The Grade of Materials used - You know the old adage "Garbage In, Garbage Out" it's true for computers - it is also true for contractors - cutting corners on materials is really just sacrificing the longevity of your structure.

Care of Installation: True Craftsmanship is invisible - the drains should just work, the corners fit together cleanly, the walls straight and true - the heat should just come on when needed. The finishes should be durable and easy to clean - the mechanical systems secondary to the enjoyment of your home.